• Add CBD for enhanced pain relief
    Add CBD for enhanced pain relief
  • First Place Winner in Ocala's Best of the Best Reader's Choice Awards 2018 & 2019
    First Place Winner in Ocala's Best of the Best Reader's Choice Awards 2018 & 2019

Jerilyn is very skilled and intuitive, a rare combination. She works with empathy and awareness of the client’s moment to moment experience. Best of all, she is not deterred by tight muscles. I always feel so much better and enjoy greater range of motion after a session with Jerilyn. Best-kept secret in Ocala!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Jerilyn, my favorite massage therapist, her massages always helped me improve my health condition and excel on my training performance while competing. She is simply AMAZING!!!

-Veronica C. 

Home Fitness Trainers

Jerilyn has been my massage therapist for approximately 2 years. From the moment we met, Jerilyn has been a huge asset in my life. When I began coming to her, I suffered from daily headaches due to stress and tension in my neck, back, shoulders, and jaw. I have an extremely demanding job and life and Jerilyn has been able to mitigate the negative effects of my stress with her skill and knowledge. I had gone to numerous therapists prior to meeting her with little to no relief. Jerilyn seems to have a better understanding of the musculature of the human body than other therapists. She is always able to isolate muscles and manipulate their release with no discomfort. Although she is performing deep tissue massage, she is able to make it feel relaxing rather than painful. Within a few weeks of working with her, my headaches decreased in number and severity. I went from having a headache everyday to having less than one a week now. Not only is she a skilled clinician but a wonderful person. She is always sweet and kind, she listens to her clients, and encourages communication to obtain maximum results. Her presence is relaxing and calm and she is able to walk the fine line between professional and friendly perfectly.

-Alexis V.  PMHRN-BC, MSN

I have been the fortunate recipient of some of the best therapeutic massages at the hands of Jerilyn Swiger over the last few years. I highly recommend her to others as she has the rare mix of pressure for a deep tissue massage while being relaxing and not painful. As an avid competitive, 5 times a week, tennis player, I was kept healthy and in shape in large part to the benefits of weekly massage by Jerilyn. 

-Gail S.

Jerilyn is exceptionally skilled. I can honestly say that she is the best LMT I have ever come across. She listens and understands what your needs are. She is professional, polite and friendly. I felt comfortable, and left feeling anew. I highly recommend Jerilyn to anyone experiencing any type of physical pain to those who just enjoy massage.

-Jacqueline D.

I had never had a massage before. My muscles were so tight it was uncomfortable for anyone to touch me. Jerilyn understood that. She slowly worked into the massage. By the end, I was so relaxed and I felt amazing!

-Sarah S.