One session feels great, but the greatest benefits of massage therapy and bodywork are experienced cumulatively over time. Massage and bodywork, received regularly and consistently, can relieve stress and tension, help with managing pain, and provides numerous benefits for overall health and well-being.

For only $49 a month enjoy:

  • One (1) true 60 minute Customized Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish or Prenatal Massage each month
  • Additional massages within the month are only $49
  • Upgrade to 90 minutes for only $20 more
  • Upgrade to a CBD Infused (150mg) massage for only $20 more
  • Unused sessions roll over to the next month
  • No long term commitment. Cancel anytime after 90 days without penalty. 

Membership enrollment is limited to ensure all members can schedule at their preferred times. Once enrollment has met capacity you will be placed on a waiting list. 

How to Join

Step 1:

Complete the membership agreement

Step 2:

Schedule your appointment using the "Members Only" option

Step 3:

When you show up for your appointment bring the credit/debit card you would like to keep on file.